Rage of Magic II

Rage of Magic II 1.4

2D beat'em'up game with anime-style graphics
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Gamebrew Inc.

Show your fighting prowess and put together some real cool combos or find the right combinations to trigger super attacks that will devastate your enemies. Play the arcade game and follow the story of the game or head into the arena and face unique combinations of foes.

If you love action games such as Double Dragon or Ninja Combat, then you will go wild over Rage of Magic II! Developed by Gamebrew, it is the continuation of Majinwar, an epic fantasy fighting adventure featuring devastating combos, huge super attacks and exciting new power-ups! Rage of Magic II will satisfy your cravings for real combat action. You can choose between 3 main-character heroes to get into a fight, each of them featuring their own special magical attacks and heavy emphasis on combos. Confront the powerful and evil elves and defeat the disloyal paladin king. Rage of Magic II is packed with over 100 arenas and 35 arcade mode levels with absorbing story lines. What is more, you can enjoy tons on bonuses that can be piled on each other to enhance their effect. The game gets even better when you make use of the two-player-cooperative-play option! Featuring good graphics and sound effects, you can download the full version of Rage of Magic II from the developer’s website and start getting guaranteed enjoyment from this marvelous fighting adventure game!

Review summary


  • 100 arenas and 35 arcade mode levels to enjoy
  • Great bonuses
  • Good fun


  • It could have had more choices of heroes to fight
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